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The Jen Hatmaker Book Club is a monthly book subscription box and membership designed to help you easily access and enjoy amazing books with other amazing women. Each month, Jen Hatmaker personally selects a new book for the community to read. Then, within the book club’s online portal, members can enrich their reading experience and connect with others by accessing supporting materials, such as chapter summaries, reading plans, discussion questions, a monthly members-only podcast episode, private Facebook group, and a monthly Facebook Live meet up.

As a member, you'll receive the book along with digital weekly summaries, reading plans, and weekly group discussion questions.

You'll also receive access to the private Jen Hatmaker Book Club Facebook group and an exclusive podcast with the author or other special guests (separate from Jen's For The Love podcast and only available to members!).

PLUS, you’ll receive other special bonuses! Each month will be different — your book box will include fun surprises along the way. You can also expect fun things in your member account like shareable quote memes, Spotify playlists, recipes, life tips, and more!

Yes, you can cancel at any time contacting us here. If you cancel after the 4th of the month, you’ll be charged for that next month’s book club. Then, your membership will be canceled for the following month. 

The book will be mailed directly to you. The other materials will be available as PDFs for viewing and/or direct download within your member page and our private Facebook group.

If you registered for the Book Club on or before the 5th of the month preceding, you'll receive your book by the first day of the month. All content (weekly summaries, reading plan, and discussion questions as well as other bonuses!) will be available on the first day of the book club month. The podcast will debut on the last day of the book club month, but it will be available for you to listen to anytime after that date.

Log in to the book club’s member portal here. Then, request access to the Facebook group by clicking the ‘Facebook Group’ link in the member’s area.

Log in to the book club’s member portal here. Then, access to the member-only podcast by the ‘Podcast’ link in the member’s area. The podcast is available at the end of each month.

For now, the Jen Hatmaker Book Club is only available in the U.S. However, we are actively exploring ways to potentially welcome our international friends to the party! If you don't live in the U.S., but are interested in joining the fun, contact us here!

At this time, we are only offering memberships that include the physical copy of the book, as you will be receiving other bonus surprises with the shipment each month

Jen will be periodically communicating with all members in the private Facebook group as well as providing the members-only Book Club podcast. As she is just one person, she cannot commit to responding to every direct message or post submitted.

As your subscription includes other materials to enrich your reading experience, we hope you’ll read it again with the rest of the community and then gift your new copy to a friend.

We hear you and we are actively exploring additional options for the Book Club. But, for the foreseeable future, we are keeping it simple with this one book box option. We hope you can still join us and enjoy your monthly book box — and the fun little surprises that come with it along the way!

By logging into your member account here, you will be to place your account on hold by opting out of receiving and paying for the month's membership of your choice. If you have questions, contact us here.

If you don’t receive your book, please contact us here so we can investigate the issue to either locate your shipment or have another book sent to you.

Yes, you can purchase a membership for someone else. While you’re welcome to create a membership using your payment information and then share the login credentials with the gift recipient, we’re also happy to work with you to prepay for the membership and create a custom code for the recipient to use when they activate their membership. If you’re interested in doing so, please contact us here.

We'd love it if you could, but, no, use is for the purchaser only.

Well, you could show everyone the bonus materials included in your membership, but they wouldn’t receive a copy of the book in the mail or be given access to the private Facebook group. What is a book club with neither the book nor the club? No fun if you ask us.

Plus, you're a nice person, and you don't want to break copyright law, do you? Didn't think so.

Do you know someone who should join the book club? Contact us here, and we’ll help you buy it for them as a gift.

It's not working, and your credit card isn't even maxed out?! What's with that?! Though this happens sometimes, we understand your frustration. We're sorry for the inconvenience. Please try entering your card information again to make sure it's correct. If that fails, contact us here.

If you previously activated your member, you should’ve been guided through the process of creating a password for account. If you can’t remember your password, visit the login page at Then, scroll to the bottom of the page and click ‘Forgot Password’ to reset your password.

If you don’t see the email in your inbox, please check your spam folder. If it doesn’t arrive within 30 minutes or you’re still unable to access your account, please contact us here.

When you activate your member, you'll create a user name and password for Hang onto your login credentials and use them any time to access the password protected book club content at

When you created your account, you’ve should have also received an email from with login credentials. However, if you’re unable to access your account, please contact us here.

By logging into your member account here, you will be to update your account details, including your payment method and your billing or mailing address. If you have questions, contact us here.

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